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How to make a delivery and start earning

Go online whenever you’re in an area we cover, within our opening hours. While you’re online, we’ll send you orders to deliver. Stay online for as long as you like – it’s all up to you.
You can make a delivery on Inyinya Provider App in just three steps:

Ready to earn? Just tap the app on your mobile & Download our Inyinya Providr App
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While you’re on the road we’re at base watching over your

We will always here for you When you’re on the road, we’re with you – for help, advice and support, message or call us in the app. Your safety is our priority, so we’ll insure you in case of accidents, too. It’s totally free and applies from the moment you go online.

The only things you will need to become a great Inyinya Driver AND earn as much as you can is your smart phone and the inyinya Provider app. nothing else !

The only things you will need to become a great Inyinya Delivery Man AND earn as much as you can.

  • MOTOR BIKE, BICYCLE, CAR OR VAN (with licence and insurance)
  • Safety equipment (e.g. helmet)
  • Smartphone with iOS 11 / Android 6 or above
  • Age 18 and Above


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