How it Works

How to book a delivery on Inyinya App

You can book a delivery on Inyinya App in just three steps:

  • 1 Make a delivery request

    Open the Inyinya app on your mobile phone or log into our Inyinya website. Enter the details of where to pick up the delivery and where to deliver it. Provide more information to aid the driver. Once you confirm that your pickup and destination addresses are correct, select all the options that apply to you-size, delivery vehicle and confirm.
    Once you’ve been matched with a driver, you’ll see their picture and vehicle details and can track their arrival on the map.

  • 2 Tracking your delivery

    Your delivery driver has your destination and directions for the fastest way to get to you, but you can Check your mobile phone every now and then to track your delivery as the driver gets closer and closer to you.

  • 3 Confirm and accept your delivery . It would be nice to say thank you to the driver

    When the driver arrives check that the vehicle detail and driver match what you see in the app. Give the driver the code that appears on the app on your mobile to verify that you are both the right driver and customer. When you have received your order, make payment if you are paying cash. Remember to rate your driver

Ready to request a delivery? Download our app or just sign on our website
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How to make a delivery and start earning

Go online whenever you’re in an area we cover, within our opening hours. While you’re online, we’ll send you orders to deliver. Stay online for as long as you like – it’s all up to you.
You can make a delivery on Inyinya Provider App in just three steps:

Ready to earn? Just tap the app on your mobile & Download our Inyinya Providr App
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While you’re on the road we’re at base watching over your

We will always here for you When you’re on the road, we’re with you – for help, advice and support, message or call us in the app. Your safety is our priority, so we’ll insure you in case of accidents, too. It’s totally free and applies from the moment you go online.

The only things you will need to become a great Inyinya Driver AND earn as much as you can is your smart phone and the inyinya Provider app. nothing else !

The only things you will need to become a great Inyinya Delivery Driver AND earn as much as you can.

  • MOTOR BIKE, BICYCLE, CAR OR VAN (with licence and insurance)
  • Safety equipment (e.g. helmet)
  • Smartphone with iOS 11 / Android 6 or above
  • Age 18 and Above


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